Our Story

Daher Capital is a privately held family office and the investment arm of the Daher family.

At its core, Daher Capital remains a family-backed enterprise with values of transparency, ethics and integrity.

The story of Daher Capital is the story of Michel Daher. After founding a very successful food manufacturing and distribution business in the early nineties, Michel started actively investing his earnings in publicly traded companies, technology startups and real estate around the world.

In a short period of time, Michel was able to achieve exceptional investment returns and decided to organize these activities under what is known today as Daher Capital. Today, Daher Capital is a single family office with a team that brings an unparalleled diversity of views and a global perspective to the world’s markets.

Our Culture

We are professionals who greatly value transparency in everything we do.
We operate as one firm with the entire team dedicated to the success of the firm, with mutual respect and commitment.
A long-term view
We take a very long-term view in everything we do.

Our Founder

Michel Daher


Michel Daher is an entrepreneur, investor and philanthropist. He grew up in Fourzol Lebanon with five siblings and incredibly supportive parents who encouraged his entrepreneurial spirit in every stage of his life.

In 1990, Michel moved back to his hometown of Fourzol and founded Daher Foods. Over the years, Daher Foods became a multinational food and snacks company with presence across the Middle East and interests in farming, food manufacturing  and distribution.

Michel later organized his investment activities under the single family office Daher Capital.

In 2014, having always given back to society in a meaningful way, Michel and his wife Marleine decided to organize their giving and founded the Michel Daher Social Foundation where they serve as co-chairs today.

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