Daher Capital is a privately held group that invests in a wide range of asset classes. Resting on more than 30 years of operating and investing experience, we are focused on long-term partnerships and investments globally.

Our Story

At its core, Daher Capital remains a family-backed enterprise with values of transparency, ethics and integrity. We have a history of building long-term relationships with our companies, businesses, partners and other stakeholders.

We are wholly owned by the Daher family which provides us with the flexibility to move quickly while still having a longer term view.

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After founding an immensely successful food manufacturing and distribution business in the early nineties, Michel started actively investing his earnings in publicly traded companies, technology startups and real estate around the world.

In a short period of time, Michel was able to achieve exceptional investment returns and organized these activities in a single family office known today as Daher Capital.

Michel Daher /

Growth & Venture

Jean-Luc Robert, CEO
“Daher Capital has been a valuable advisor and investor in Kyriba for nearly 10 years. Its insights and capital have helped me shape new and critical solutions to actively manage liquidity for CFOs, it’s a pleasure working with Daher Capital.”
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Bonfire Ventures
Mark Mullen, Co-Founder
"Daher Capital has been an invaluable partner to us for advice and capital since the very beginning of Bonfire Ventures and Double M Partners. We would not be here without them."
02 / 05
Upfront Ventures
Mark Suster, General Partner
"We've worked alongside Daher Capital for 20 years where they've been a valued LP and our most active co-investor. The Dahers are operators at their core, which is why the entrepreneurs we work with have found their contributions so valuable. And for us they also bring a global footprint and perspective that is invaluable."
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Chris Webb, Co-Founder & CEO
"Daher Capital have supported ChowNow since our very early days. As with all young companies there are highs and lows, and yet I never had to worry about losing their support. They stand by their founders and for that I will always be grateful."
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Lightbox Ventures
Sandeep Murthi, Co-Founder
Daher Capital has been a part of Lightbox since inception. The team’s willingness to learn about our vision, engage, and share their experience in an open and honest way has made the relationship a true partnership. Their global network and understanding of models from different markets has helped us refine our thinking and allowed for deeply collaborative discussions. They’ve always been a part of our family and have made us feel a part of theirs.
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Jean-Luc Robert, CEO
Mark Mullen, Co-Founder
Mark Suster, General Partner
Chris Webb, Co-Founder & CEO
Sandeep Murthi, Co-Founder
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